I appreciate your taking the time to read and consider some of my observations and thoughts.

In another part of my life, I am author of The Citizen Leader: Be the Person You’d Want to Follow.

The book is a thought-provoking guide to help men, women, young adults and teens develop and deepen their moral compass — that is, explore and respond to the questions: Who am I? and How do I want to be in the world?

The Citizen Leader challenges you to be authentic and courageous so you can say with conviction: I am a person I’d want to follow.

Then, by giving you practical guidance to speak up, serve, act and lead efforts to better your world, The Citizen Leader helps you grow both as a citizen and as a leader so you can create great places for us all to live, work and play.

You can learn more about The Citizen Leader by wandering over to the website and blog.

Home is Santa Cruz, California.